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The Swaco Group was formed in 1933 in Windhoek, with the agency distribution of various South African manufacturing companies. This was during the World depression and the worst drought in Namibia during that century. Progress was difficult, until after the great floods of 1934 and the gradual upswing in the world economy. In 1936 the Group obtained the agency for the Shell Oil Company, who withdrew from Namibia (South West Africa as it was called then). This agency lasted until 1972 when Shell re-entered the country. In the meantime, more agencies were acquired, and the Swaco Group is now comprised out of the following operating companies who has a branch in Walvis Bay, and distribute throughout Namibia and neighbouring countries:

Cernol Chemicals Namibia 

This company is a leading formulated chemical manufacturer, serving the Cleaning Chemical Market in Namibia.

Spice and Scale World 

This company is a retailer of Spices, Sauces, Scales, Butchery Equipment and Butchery Equipment Spares, Artificial Casings and Natural Casings.

Swachem Namibia

This company is an importer and distributor of various Industrial and Specialized Chemicals, such as: Adhesives, Commodity Chemicals, Laboratory Reagents, Perspex, PVC & self-adhesive papers, Solvents, Water treatment Products and Wood Preservatives \\ Sealers.

Print Solutions

Supplier of pre-printed Continuous paper and Commercial Printing

Pure Plaas

Blending In With Nature


Distributor of Engineering & Industrial Plastics, Signage and Glazing materials, Digital Print Media, Aluminium Sign Systems and Point of Purchase components

Shelving Solutions

  • Nut and Bolt Shelving
  • Industrial Racking
  • Mobile Racking
  • Consumer Shelving
  • Gondolas
  • Customer Trollies
  • Industrial Trollies
  • Trolley Accessories
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Lockers

Proudly Namibian

The Swaco Group of Companies’ mission is to continuously drive our customers’ perception of value by offering high quality products & services which exceed our stakeholders’ expectations. Furthermore, we would like to grow our business through high ethical standards, improving job opportunities in Namibia.

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