• Capacity 13,25 and 40 litre
  • Power unit Hydraulic
  • Dimensions 500x660x1148 mm
  • Nozzle 14, 22, 30mm
  • Power 3Phase 380v 50Hz 0.75KW Single Phase- 220v 50Hz 1.1Kw


• The design, finish and the quality of materials
ensure reliability and a long life expectancy.
• Completely stainless steel with the smallest
available base which makes it ideal for modern
shops and processing outlets.
• A self contained stainless steel oil tank allowing
for limited oil contamination and less oil
changes, as well as having a safeguarded pump
extending the life of the product whilst reducing
noise level.
• Stainless steel head cover with twin-locking
handles fitted with an O-ring seal to reduce risk
of leakage.
• Stainless steel piston fitted with O-ring seal.
• Two castors and Two adjustable feet allowing
for effortless repositioning.


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