They are used for the industrial and small-scale production of smoked products.
• Provide automatic heat treatment of smoked products, i.e. reddening, heating, drying, smoking, cooking without any additional operation.
• Perfect construction insure excellent isolation without heat leaks, stiffness and a long lifetime.
• Smoke chambers are suitable for smoking of all kinds of products, for instance frankfurters,
sausages, salamis, meat, poultry, fish, cheese etc.
• They are suitable for smoking products stuffed in natural or artificial casings.
• In a type, equipped with chilling the cold smoke technology can be used.
• The chambers can be used for heat treating of ham and similar products in moulds or vapourproof
• They are suitable for roasting of meatloaf and similar products.
• The technological process of heat treatment is operated by a microprocessor control unit
in accordance with a chosen program.
• The user can write his own programs according to actual needs and requirements, if necessary the user can change already running programs.
• Standardly a smoking chamber is delivered as a partly open system with an exhaust to the smoke

Standardly the smoking chambers are produced for placing products on smoking trolleys. By request the unit can be delivered with a hanging track (flat- or tube-construction) for hanging smoke cages.

The ecological design of the chamber is delivered with a catalyser with electric or gas heating.
• The smoking chamber is equipped with a high-efficient air circulation system, which guarantees uniform temperature and smoke distribution on any place inside the chamber.
• Air circulation system is supported with a high-efficient fan with 2850/1450 r.p.m for each
smoke trolley.
• The humidity in the chamber can be operated in each section extra and is measured by a psychrometric sensor.
• Steam is produced either by water mist injection or direct steam injection into the chamber.
• The chamber is manufactured of chrome-nickel stainless steel with grinding, respectively bright surface finish.
• Flaps in the pipelines are set automatically by means of pneumatic pistons according to the running program.
• The smoking chambers can be manufactured in a tunnel version with trolleys in one row or in two row versions.


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