Microprocessor control system gaurentees the
automatic operation of the whole technological
• The standard chamber fitted with the ADITEC MIC
2420 regulator with the memory for 99 programs
each having up to 20 steps
• VisuNet program enables data collection and



• Provides automatic thermal treatment of
smoked products as reddening,warmingthrough,
drying,smoking,cooking and baking.
• It is suited for smoking of all kinds of products, e.g.
frankfurters, sausages,salamis, meat, poultry, fish,
cheese, etc.
• It is suited to smoking products in both the natural
and artificial casings.
• The smoking chamber with cooling enables cold
smoke technology.
• It is sufficient for thermal treatment of ham and
similar products in moulds or vapourproof casings.
It facilitates meatloaf roasting.
• Perfect construction provides for ideal insulation
consistence and long lifetime.
• The core temperature sensor is an integral part of
the chamber.
• Humidity is read by means of a psychrometric sensor.
• It allows a thermalprocess to be made in accordance
with the “Delta – T” method suitable mainly
for ham cooking.
• Air circulation inside the chamber is supported
witha high efficient an with 2850/1450rpm
• Electric heating.
• The smoking chamber is equiped with automatic
washing system.


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