Mole Racking



The Pallet Mole Racking solution is ideally suited large-scale storage, however it can be utilized in smaller-scale storage. Pallet Mole Racking provides a high-density storage solution that enables the accurate tracking of stock, thus increasing productivity, decreasing product damage, with more SKU being stored than conventional racking.

Pallet Mole Racking:

  • Works on first-in-first-out (FIFO) and last-in-first-out (LIFOstorage & picking methods.
  • Easy to operate – i.e. allows forklift drivers to pick & pack in the warehouse, while the mole is in operation.
  • Gentle on goods, thus damage to stock is minimized.
  • Versatile range, ensuring that the Pallet Mole Racking system can carry & transport a wide range of weights & sizes.


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