Mauting Horizontal – FISH LINES



Smoking chambers MAUTING Horizontal serves for thermal
processing of all kinds of products, as e.g.: frankfurters, sausages,
meat, poultry, fi sh, cheese, etc.

A circulatory air-fl ow is horizontal, from the left and right side in
turns. Smoking chambers with horizontal air-fl ow are convenient
especially for smoking of products lying on the grates.
All steps of thermal processing (i.e. reddening, warming-up, drying,
smoking and cooking) are carried out automatically without the
need of any further manipulation.
A high-effi ciency system of the air circulation guarantees uniform
smoking and temperature distribution in all spots of the chamber.

The chambers can be heated by steam, gas, electricity or oil.
The needle core temperature sensor is an integrated part of the
smoking chamber.
The regulator enables product processing according to the
„Delta-T“ method, which helps to improve both yield and
product quality and at the same time it reduces the energy
Humidity in the chamber is watched by a psychrometric sensor.
Cold smoke smoking can be carried out in the chamber equipped
with chilling. An automatic cleaning system controlled by a microprocessor
unit is a part of the smoking chamber.

The smoke generator is an integral part of the smoking chamber;
there are four types available:
Wooden-chip – the smoke is generated by glowing of wooden chips
on a special grate.
Friction – the smoke is generated by friction of a wooden block on
a special cylinder.
Steam – the smoke is generated by superheated steam passage
through wooden chips.
Liquid smoke applicator – the smoke is generated by liquid smoke
atomization by means of pressure air and a special nozzle.

An ecological model of the smoking chamber is equipped with
either a gas or electrical catalyst.

Microprocessor control system ensures automatic operation
of the whole technological process. Standardly the chambers are
fi tted with the ADITEC MIC 2420 regulator with the memory
for 99 programs, each allowing up to 20 steps. The VisuNet
system provides data evidence and the remote access to the
chamber control from your PC.


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